Implants have to guarantee their function even under destructive influence of the host`s biological reactions. Most implants have to fully integrate in the host`s organism. Implant infections must be avoided and – if not – be controlled by common therapeutic strategies. Moreover, innovative implants must be made accessible for all patients in need via a suitable production process.

These complex requirements can only be addressed by a multidisciplinary approach of physicians, natural scientists, and engineers from a wide range of specialisation. Interdisciplinary biomedical engineering is becoming increasingly important from a medical and economical point of view. Europe still has some scientific and economic pole positions in the field of biomedical engineering.

This periodic conference is to provide a European platform for scientists, politicians and industry to foster development and application of biomedical engineering by exchange of new insights in model development, basic and clinical research, technical innovations, and regulatory aspects of innovative implants.

We are looking forward to your contribution, fruitful discussions, and welcoming you in Hanover.

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Th. Lenarz and P. Wriggers